Being on Mission – What an excellent book!

Finally finished ‘Being on Mission’ by Mark McGregor. What a great refresher of Mark’s leadership philosophy and a timely reminder of what truly matters.
Being on Mission is not your typical leadership book. Mark McGregor takes us on the journey of Michael Weber. Michael’s story is a compelling, typical tale of the follies of middle management. There is a bit of Michael in all of us. By taking the reader through Michael’s journey from personal crisis to holistic leadership, Mark McGregor makes his leadership philosophy personable and applicable. Filled with practical leadership gems and coaching tips throughout, the book not only illustrates the 10 Principles of Leadership & Life and the whole person model but provides the opportunity to relive Mark McGregor’s energy-laden, life-changing leadership trainings. Through Michael, Mark reminds his readers that leadership is a choice. Whether senior executive, career starter or sports coach, Being on Mission is the ultimate leadership book for anyone who’s willing to make that choice. This book will change the way you look at leadership and will be a loyal companion to help you stay on mission.

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