Have you googled yourself lately?

In an attempt to reign in what can be found about me on Google, I decided to revamp my ‘online presence’.

Let’s face it, we are on our way to a completely transparent society. What is being said or posted about me is no longer only in my power. Companies, organizations, friends, everyone is contributing to your ‘online presence’. If you have taken part in a running event, be sure your results can be found online. If you have bowled a grand game at your company’s Christmas party, you can expect someone to tweet about it. Or if you passed out at a recent birthday bash, don’t be surprised if your photo were already circulating on Facebook. A critical part of our lives that is happening online can be influenced by ourselves, whether actively or passively, and I want to make sure I actively influence mine. At least then I know what can be found if someone else googles me.

So just in time for the new year, the Chinese New Year that is, out with the old and in with the new. Hence, mingenbach.de, my decade old website, is undergoing a change. I am trying to integrate all the social networking sites I have signed up for over the years. And I am creating a blog while making more frequent use of the online tools at my disposal. Et voila, the new ‘online me’ is created. While it’ll certainly take some upkeep and active maintenance, the Google search results are already more to my liking.

Have you googled yourself lately? Like what you find?

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